Radiation Protection Lead Suit | Anti Radiation Protective Clothing MSL007

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Radiation Protection Lead Suit | Anti Radiation Protective Clothing MSL007

We sell Radiation Protective Clothings including Lead protective Vest, Lead Apron, Lead Gloves, Lead Glasses and so on we sell. Tell us your Height, waist circumference, weight, etc. and let us help you select your suitable one.

FOB Price: US $ 450-1,600 / Set|Get Latest Price
MOQ: 1 Set
Supply Ability: 1000 Sets per Month
Port: Guangzhou
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal, Escrow


1.Shoulder pad of Memory cotton located the inside of the shoulder to help reduced pressure.
2.Radiation shielding material which comes from American Bar-Ray.
3.American Multi resistant Snaps--Lifetime free replacement.
4.15cm Super wide belt under reduced pressure.
5.Taiwan Velcro--30,000 times Technical evaluation.
6.Oxford fabrics——The inside lead powder coating contact human body directly;The outer waterproofing easy to clean


Radiation Protection Suit  Model  Style  Lead Equivalent(mmPb) 
 Conjoined double-sided sleeveless  MSL001A  Soft Type (Unleaded)  0.35/ 0.5
   MSL001B  Leaded 0.35/ 0.5 
 Conjoined double-sided short-sleeved MSL002A  Soft Type (Unleaded)  0.35/ 0.5 
  MSL002B  Leaded  0.35/ 0.5 
 Conjoined double-sided long-sleeved MSL003A  Soft Type (Unleaded)  0.35/ 0.5 
  MSL003B  Leaded  0.35/ 0.5 
 Separate double-sided sleeveless MSL004A  Soft Type (Unleaded)  0.35/ 0.5 
  MSL004B  Leaded  0.35/ 0.5 
 Separate double-sided short-sleeved MSL005A  Soft Type (Unleaded)  0.35/ 0.5 
  MSL005B  Leaded  0.35/ 0.5 
 Separate double-sided long-sleeved MSL006A  Soft Type (Unleaded)  0.35/ 0.5 
  MSL006B  Leaded  0.35/ 0.5 
 Conjoined singel-sided sleeveless MSL007A  Soft Type (Unleaded)  0.35/ 0.5 
  MSL007B  Leaded  0.35/ 0.5 
 Conjoined singel-sided short-sleeved MSL008A  Soft Type (Unleaded)  0.35/ 0.5 
  MSL008B  Leaded  0.35/ 0.5 
 Conjoined singel-sided long-sleeved MSL009A  Soft Type (Unleaded)  0.35/ 0.5 
  MSL009B  Leaded  0.35/ 0.5 
 Waistcoat vest suit MSL0010A  Soft Type (Unleaded)  0.35/ 0.5 
  MSL0010B  Leaded  0.35/ 0.5 

Size: S M L XL......

Made of nickel alloy;
Soft Type (Unleaded);

Wide color for you:
Royal Blue 01
Light Blue 02
China Red 03
Dark Green 04
Apple Green 05
Purple 06
Dark Black 07
Purplish Red 08
Light Green 09
Orange 10
Dark Blue 11
Dark Gray 12

Conjoined double-sided sleeveless;
Conjoined double-sided short-sleeved;
Conjoined double-sided long-sleeved;
Separate double-sided sleeveless;
Separate double-sided short-sleeved;
Separate double-sided long-sleeved;
Conjoined singel-sided sleeveless;
Conjoined singel-sided short-sleeved;
Conjoined singel-sided long-sleeved;
Waistcoat vest suit.

These aprons are strictly prohibited in contact with acid, alkali and other chemicals;
When stopping working, you should put the aprons flat and not fold it in order not to broke it;
Once you dicide to get one,it's better you provide the height, waist circumference, weight, etc., that we can help you select the appropriate size.

With a passion for the medical device industry and benefit the society lofty ideals, in 2006, Mr. Hu established Guangzhou MedSingLong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Companies with good quality and good service to win the majority of customers and business reputation at home and abroad.

In the period of our beginning establishment, we have been working in field of radiation protection products' applications and its products' innovation. After many years of development, now our radiation protection products have been exported to more than one hundred countries, the United States, Australia, Germany, France, Malaysia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria are included. It is worth mentioning that, our company has passed RoHS certification, CE certification, and the ISO13485 international quality management system certification at the same time. Nowadays, we sell radiation protection products and its related eight products, which including Lead Sheet, Lead Rubber, Lead Shield, Lead Glass, Lead Gloves, Lead Apron, Lead Vest, Radiation Protection Suit mainly. Such a range of radiation protection products and its related products are under the unique proprietary core technology in the leading level of international radiation protection products.

In 2013, our company to all customers questionnaire survey showed that users of our overall satisfaction over 92%; Dealer satisfaction of our company exceeds 86%. This shows our company's professional products in the radiation protection products the important position of the customer in mind, as well as the outstanding advantages our company's products in the radiation protection products industry. That's why our company has won the Alibaba Journey to dream B2B international E-commerce model base in Sep. 2015, which is also the brand new milestone in radiation protection products industry. As a professional radiation protection products manufacturer, now Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has became the best radiation protection products manufacturer from China.




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Radiation Protection Lead Suit | Anti Radiation Protective Clothing MSL007