Q: How many of the purity, the error of thickness?
A: Purity of it is 99.99%, the error of thickness is -/+ 5%-10%.

Q: I have a customer which needs 20 square meters of lead sheets 1cm thickness. If you dont have 1 cm of thickness please let me know the nearest thickness.
A: We can do 1 cm of thickness lead sheet.

Q: Please quote the price thickness 5mm width 1700mm, length 2 to 3 meters.
A: We suggest you can choose 5mm width 1400mm, length 2 to 3 meters.

Q: Can you make the lead glass height is 30 mm the width is 30 mm and the length is 400 mm?
A: We are so sorry the size is too small, we can not do it.

Q: Do you have distributor in the Philippines or someone who has the unit so that I can personally the model?
A: We don't have distributor in Philippines.

Q: What taxes will I have to pay when I receive the goods here in Durres?
A: Regarding the taxes, it depends on different country, if you don't know yours, please call your located customs, and ask: if you buy lead sheet from China, how much taxes you should pay? And then, they will tell you.

Q: Wondering how could you be so much cheaper that your competitors. I worry about quality.
A: Why we are cheaper than our competitors? That is because we have factory base, even same products, we can help our customer save many money. That is why we can get so many customers from all over the world, and they are willing to cooperate with us.

Q: We promise you will ship to me within 7 working days, why delay now?
A: So we already finish the product but the most problem is now the shipping agent very busy because Christmas day is coming, too much product want to ship out before holiday.

Q: I'm afraid of transport to the Brazil. How can we proceed to not stop at the custom house?It has the ability to spread this value?
A: Regarding the strict Brazil custom, the goods will be send by EMS and it is assured to be safe. When it arrive in Brazil, I would like to suggest you to pick the goods with the help of a local custom clearance company in your country. In this way, it will be promised that you can proceed easily and take the goods. Hope this information will help.


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