Recently, there are news on We chat and Blogs about five Danish female high school students conducted an experiment, some of the cress seeds were placed there is no Wi-Fi transmitters and the transmitter room to cultivate, 12 days after the discovery, in the common room in the normal growth of the seeds, and place the seeds have Wi-Fi in the room, no one can grow, moreover, the seeds become brown, and some have even died.


According to the experiment Danish high school students done, Danish high school students to do experiments, some physics major and experimental experience of users expressed doubts. Nutshell users find the report and made a study of this experiment, he thought that this experiment is the lack of the room where the router a change, other things being equal repeat the experiment. He also believes that the experiment did not take care to avoid differences that may exist when the experimenter seed treatment.

Danish students experiment, may be part of the media exaggerated the experimental results. After seeing the test report can be found, the experiment showed that there was not room WiFi seeds do not sprout, but the germination rate is 85.3%, while there is no WiFi in the room, the germination rate was 95.4%. Look here indeed 10% of the gap, but the impact of seed germination for many reasons, this test does not rule out the interference of other factors. It also needs to be verified different repeating experiments.                 

For the experiments of Danish female high school students, because it is not really knowing specific environment, processes, methods and practices, we can not measure its scientific nature, but not simply based on the experimental results, inferred from seed to the human body. Wi-Fi influence on the human body need to use experimental methods to study science, not so conclude that, after all, the human body is a complex system was a lot more than seeds.

In fact, radiation is everywhere in life ( Radiation Protection Lead Suit | Anti Radiation Protective Clothing ), in addition to outside wifi, televisions, microwave ovens, printers, computers, cell phones, hair dryer and other items will have radiation, experimental results show that the radiation power of these appliances are not large, minimal impact on the human body, basic in the safe range, it can also affect only the skin surface, and if not close to the body, the impact on the human body is completely negligible, there is a corresponding way to avoid direct radiation response: such as running away from the microwave oven, see TV preferably 2 meters away, do not use the computer too long, and so on.


Apparently, the ubiquitous radiation also has a great impact on pregnant women. But the real radiation harmful to pregnant women is medical radiation, which is the largest amount of all kinds. Chest, X-ray, CT and other radiological examinations which will cause damage to the internal cell of the body. If these damaged cells could not repair itself (or abnormal repair), will remain in the body, and be like a "time bomb" in the body's immune system is low, or the presence of cancer-promoting factors, began to frantically copy, become a cancer risks. Therefore, pregnant women and children should be kept away from these places.

Doctors recommend given is not opposed to reasonable precautions, for articles containing radiation, there is a "radiation protection and safety optimization" principle, for example, use your phone a lot, you can take some of the ways with long-term headset, sleep not placed next to the head, so you can at least reduce the worries generated fear. The company also proposed to buy the regular production of electronic products, pay attention to microwave ovens, induction cooker, desktop computers and other products to detect radiation data in the report, and with the safety standards for comparison.

In some people's eyes, cactus and agave maybe the "radiation weapon" in office, Besides, radiation pregnant vest is the "standard configuration" for pregnant women , while for pregnant women panic, a lot of anti-radiation products appear on the market, such as plants, anti-radiation suits, etc., there are professionals who have pointed out there is no scientific basis for many products, such equipment is also meaningless, only lead clothing can block radiation, but in order to use heavy lead radiation suits in the office or at home is clearly outdated.