Recently, the news of "Wife pregnant, husband asked a neighbor turn off the Wi-Fi" became very hot in China Mainland.

This is reminiscent of cell phone radiation, also passed rumors to be carcinogenic. The truth is, people around the computer, induction cooker and other large appliances is "heavy radiation", so the key is away from the radiation. Not to mention the ignorant old man hearsay disturbing behavior, does Wi-Fi really can cause harm to humans?                                  

As we all know, WiFi wireless fidelity technology prefix abbreviation of Wireless Fidelity, may refer to comply with international Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 802.11 standard for wireless transmission technology, the device can also refer to comply with this standard. However, WiFi for data transmission used in daily seems like a LAN. And as a wireless device, WiFi has a transmitter, will indeed produce electromagnetic radiation around.

It is learned that the most common wireless router, its operating power is between 30 - 500 mW, small (about 125 milliwatts - 2 watts) of power than the average cell phone. Compared to mobile phones, wireless routers and other equipment from the user's Wi-Fi from much farther away, which makes people accept the radiated power density is much smaller. ( Actually Worthy Radiation Protection Suit MSL001 )


Experts said that strength of radiation is inversely proportional to the distance, not to mention through the reinforced concrete, the one tenth time this radiation value limits only the country, even a few one-tenth. Wi-fi and cell phone signal is actually no essential difference, they belong to microwave, generally located in wave band 800 MHz -1900 MHz, there is no real strong scientific evidence that it will destroy the human DNA or protein structure, thus affecting fetal development and pregnant woman's health.

As for the radiation of cell phone in our daily life, the World Health Organization is given a conclusion of "As for now, there is no evidence that the use of mobile phones can have negative health effects. " As for relations between Wi-Fi radiation and human health, there is no conclusive evidence that it is also associated with any health problems.