When the electromagnetic lead suit radiation achieves the surface, the reflection and refraction of the event wave.

Once electromagnetic lead suit radiation records were not really shown or refracted off the area and into the body's energy radiation protection dress, put together metal material structure of particles or atoms developed by forced vibration, when these molecules or atoms collide, the vibrational energy is may possibly be changed into translational kinetic energy, the energy of thermal motion of the molecule improves, that electromagnetic radiation is transformed towards heat energy dissipated.

1: showing additional or change of energy a lot more, it is relying on instantaneous strength;
2: Recognize the difference between attenuation and protection.

From the concept, we discovered that the majority of the radiation defense suits can prevent electromagnetic radiation hazards to human being, when a tiny part of the neckband cuffs submit through skin contact just after reflection at near range, a few still will be altered into heat consumed, even though some absorbed simply by the your skin, it is previously very few.


Methods / items

lead suits must certanly be specially mindful when cleaning. If not really, it is very easy to result in the fabric of metal fibre or silver fiber damage, oxidation and so on. And impacting the efficacy of lead suit radiation shielding and lifetime. Learn to approach, maintain the radiation protection clothing clean with ease. Right now, allow me offer you many taboo and cleaning ideas.

Techniques / procedures

1. Not washing by device, lead suit need to soft hand clean, do not really use washing machine. The typical exercise of utilizing a washing machine to wash clothes this next turn comes, lead suits so it cannot use the washing machine to wash, washing machines completely damaged during lead suits for radiation scroll work within the metal fibers, thus decreasing the impact of radiation protective clothing.

2. Stay away from bleach
lead suits ought to not use bleach when cleanup, bleach consists of a particular level of corrosive bleach spots after lead suits, clothes corrosion of metallic fibers will be harmed.

3. Try to avoid wring
After cleansing the lead suit, do not wring or drying. Just after washing, dry it picked up quickly from the water, and yet you can possibly not get direct sun exposure.


4. The washing strategy metal fiber lead suit is as follows:

1.  It can be cleaned directly, frequent neutral. Liquid and powder can be utilized.
2.  Hand wash, brush carefully with a soft brush tile, stay away from rubbing and washing machine;
3. Do not wring washed, gathered indoor hung in, certainly not exposure immediately from the water;
4.  Do remember middle temperature ironing, the temperature does not exceed 150 degrees.


5. Silver fiber (lead gloves for sale) cleansing means is as comes after:

1.  Use absolute water or cool water hand wash (lowering alkali and chlorine harm silver);
2.  Place} the correct} amount of neutral liquid soap, as shampoo or laundry detergent short-term immersion;
3.  Prevent making use of cleaning soap or soap;
4. Cannot rub and device washable, do not bleach, hang dry inside the house to try to avoid exposure, do not recommend ironing.