Lead aprons are generally taken in medical and dental practices. In dental practices, the lead apron is usually used when having a panoramic dental X-ray practiced. Ever since a panoramic x-ray produces radiation to all parts of the upper part body, a lead apron is needed to keep the patient secure and to avoid as much extra radiation as possible.

Light Weight Lead Apron | X-Ray Protection Clothing – MSL005

Made of nickel alloy;
Soft Type (Unleaded);
Lead aprons, or yet another relevant type of shield, should always be used when x-rays are carried out. Bear in mind that the part of your body being x-rayed must stay exposed. The lead apron can help to shield untouched parts of the body from pollution from radiation. These types of lead aprons are special important in preserving essential organs, specifically reproductive organs and the breasts of women.
A fascinating fact about lead aprons is that they consist of radiation. Ever since lead aprons are uncovered to a countless number of x-ray hours, most shows and counties need that they be discarded and managed as hazardous material. Categorizing lead aprons as a hazardous material implies that your local authorities require you to dispose of the lead apron in an certified and authorized hazardous materials location.


Light Weight Medical Lead Apron – MSL006


These aprons are strictly prohibited in contact with acid, alkali and other chemicals;
When stopping working, you should put the aprons flat and not fold it in order not to broke it;
Once you decide to get one, it’s better you provide the height, waist circumference, weight, etc., which can help you select the appropriate size.
Lead aprons of today are much safer and light-weight that those in years past. Quite a lot of the lead aprons utilized today have Velcro straps to insure that it is easier to secure the apron in place. We recognize more about safe and unsafe levels of radiation and this knowledge has helped manufacturers in producing safe and effective lead aprons for both medical and dental use. If you have ever had an x-ray, opportunities are you were trained to wear the apron.