Lead Glass is more and more widely used in different places,the quality and the application notice of lead glass are both important.Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd specialized in lead glass for many years.
So far,we had beed provided the excellent quality with best price products,And we received the high praise from our customers.Let's introduce the Properties and cutting of lead glass.

1.In optical,the main application of cheap lead glass is the clearest glass of protective screen,which with prescribed attenuation performance of low protective glass (the attenuation property is 0.2mmpb/mm).
2.Application for X-ray inspection and CT scanning windows,lab portective window ,protective goggles lenses,X-ray screen of security check and industrial flaw detection protecive window.

What is Lead Glass

How to cut lead glass:
The feature of lead glass is excellent anti-radiation,so that can be widely used in hospital,chemical area.It's notable to know the way of lead glass cutting,which can give full play to the functions of anti-radiation lead glass.
1.The process of lead glass cutting: the thin one can be cutted by glass cutter,and the high quality glass is low hardness and high brittleness,more easier broken than the ordinary ones because of the heavy proportion and contains large amounts of lead.
2.The large thickness of lead glass can be cut by diamond grinding cutting machine.
3.Must avoid eating,Children will appears the phenomenon such as retardation,metardation after lead poisoning.Because lead enters the body through the blood invade brain tissue,so that inadequate supply of nutrients and oxygen,causing brain damage caused by severe cases may lead to permanent disability.