Lead Shield

The main components of the stereotype of lead (Pb), lead pb of major, high density (11.34g / cm3), with a stop X-rays and other rays penetrate role stereotype is to lead ingots molten metal by mechanical pressing made of sheet metal, the thickness of the common domestic 0.3-10mm, more use of 1 # electrolytic lead production, it is widely used in many aspects of radiation protection, anti-corrosion, acid environment, construction and insulation engineering. Stereotype for radiation protection, generally within 0.3-200mm, usually talking about lead equivalent or equivalent protection also refers to the stereotype corresponds to 1mm thick protective radiation effect can be achieved. Different from ordinary stereotype, stereotype for radiation protection requirements should be uniform thickness, no oxide inclusions and bubbles, if uneven thickness or stereotype contains air bubbles, etc., will greatly reduce the barrier effect of x-ray penetration . At present, we can provide a variety of stereotype, specifications -0.3-25mm; 99.99% of the material alone; is X, R-rays necessary protective materials, complete specifications, can be cut to length production. I produced the stereotype has good features: non-porous, high transmittance, anti-radiation resistance, chemical stability, high surface hardness, long life, light gray grid surface will produce oxidized after storage dark gray, and its chemical properties are not affected. Our company is approved by the Ministry of Health-ray protection equipment China Quality Monitoring Center and Center for Disease Control, two certification authority, approved specializes in radiation protection equipment research, development, production and management high-tech enterprises. It manufactures and sells lead plate, lead glass, protective doors and the like.

Moreover,the medical X-ray tri-couplets protective screen (lead screen) is composed of lead plate and iron plate. The lead equivalent is not less than 0.50mmPb. It is used to the filming shielding protection in the X-ray photographic studio, dentistry, bedside and operating room, etc., also suitable for the X-ray protection. It can be manufactured according to the size of the photographic studio and the need of the protection. It is mainly equipped with a lead glass sight window of 6X 8. The surrounding of the lead window can be sealed by adhesive plasters, so that to fix it firm. Specification: 1800x1600mm. It is equipped with 4 casters.