Lead Sheet

We (LeadSheetMSL) produce Lead Sheet from 0.5mm to 50mm dimension, size over to 30' ft and also width nearly 6' ft determined by the thickness. There are actually three composition options: natural or chemical lead, antimonial lead and calcium lead. We will also offers custom metals to fulfill your standards. Lead sheet, its uniform density, high atomic number, level of stableness, ease of fabrication, high level of mobility in function, and its availability at affordable price are primary elements.

Rolled lead sheet is developed by passing a slab of enhanced lead back and forth upon a rolling mill anywhere between closing rollers to a predetermined thickness. The sheet is perhaps slit to width and cut to length for last packing and delivery. This type of is the steadiness of the means that lead will certainly not vary in thickness by much more than +/- 5% at any kind of offered point.

Lead sheet is a construction product of key benefit in chemical and associated companies due to the fact lead resists attack simply by a broad range of chemical substance. Lead sheet is even applied in building construction for the roofing and flashing, shower pans, flooring, x-ray and gamma-ray defense, and vibration damping and soundproofing. Lead Sheet utilized in chemical businesses and building construction is prepared from either pure lead or Lead-Antimonial Alloy as high as 6% usually. Calcium-lead and calcium-lead-tin alloys are always ideal for lots of of these applications.

Lead sheet is readily available in rolls and might be delivered flat if required.