Lead Glass

Found in 2004, Located in Guangzhou City, China, with 20,000㎡ Industrial Park & over 300 employees, Guangzhou MedSingLong Medical Equipment Ltd.is just one among the greatest manufacturer founded expert medical equipment dealer in China.

We are a manufacturer specializing in manufacturing high quality lead rubber, we supply professional quality x-ray protections, such as lead sheet, lead rubber sheet is from 0.125mmpb, to 4mmpb, etc. What's more, we start from designing, material developing, mould procssing to shaping, it offers customer the best price, the best quality and service.and the lead rubber of ours is a kind of protective products, which can be applied to produce all types of X-ray goods just like lead clothes, lead cap and protective screen, etc. That the lead rubbers designed by our team have actually lots of forms of standards and types.

There are the benifits of MSL lead rubber: Within the regular use, the lead equivalent will certainly not really weaken. It is wearable; Adopting the newest compounding and design, it has reached the leading level of being the most light, thin and soft materials of the world. Suffering from perhaps evenly distribution of the lead, the overall performance of the defense is excellent.